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There are blogs, and then there are profitable blogs. Top make money blogging, the are 3 things you need to have.

  1. Self Hosting – Self hosted WordPress blogs are considered the best way to make money blogging. Having a self hosted blog allows up to have full control of your websites monetization potential. Many of the free blog hosts do not allow most forms of monetization and make it difficult to scale up your blog if it really catches on. Becorath is a great combination of the easy of the builders such as Wix and WordPress. com with the flexibility of a self hosted WordPress website.
  2. High Quality Themes and Plugins – There’s nothing worse than trying a dozen different free themes or plugins that just don’t quite have the functionality you need. and having to stack 7 Plugins to do what one properly written plugin will do. a good place to find tons of Themes and Plugins is ThemeForest  They have a Large repository of Plugins, Themes, and tons and tons of photo, video, and audio files and templates.
  3. Consistent Posting – It is important to post consistently. If you notice, I didn’t necessarily say often. While you can post daily, it isn’t required. if you post weekly, make sure it is the same day every week. This consistency is very important so that your readers know what to expect.
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