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Blogging has evolved into something much more than what it used to be. Blogs have taken many of the top spots in Google searches over the last few years. People are relying on their favorite blogs for information, entertainment, and quite simply, a good read. Here are 5 reasons you should start blogging.

  1. To Inform – As I said, many people really on blogs for their information. Whether it’s a news blog, a “mommy” blog, or some other niche entirely. If you have knowledge that should be shared, start a blog!
  2. To Entertain – Another reason blogs are popular ways to get information is the personality behind the blogger. There are blogs that I follow that have topics that dont actually interest me, but they are so fun to read that I cannot help myself. If you have a great personality. There’s no reason to hide it. Share it with the world!
  3. To Inspire – Many people want to change the world, but few have the opportunity or platform to do it. Blogs are great places to share ideas and connect with like minded individuals. If you have a cause you support, why not start a blog?
  4. To show off your art – Are you a creator? It does matter if it’s writing software, knitting cat sweaters, or building medieval long bows, someone out there would love to see your work. Possibly even buy it! Which gets me to my last point…
  5. To Make Money! – Blogging has created a full time income for so many people. There are many ways to make money blogging. Ways such as showing ads, promoting affiliate products, or even selling your own creations have helped people make anywhere from a couple hundred dollars per month, up to six figures monthly!!

So, now that you see why you should start a blog, the next step is the fun part. Actually doing it!

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