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Yo! I’m Becorath

Animist/ Norse Pagan

Hey, My name is Matt, aka Becorath (Be-KOR-ath). I am an Animist at heart and a Norse Pagan in practice. Though I have adopted some traditions and practices from Celtic Paganism and Druidism.

The way I feel is that I was born an Animist, but raised as a Christian. I was a prominent member of my church. I was a member of the Youth Praise & Worship band. In my early twenties, I was a part of the church’s youth leadership. A position that was something like a deacon, and essentially support for the youth pastor. The more I was exposed to Christianity, the more I began to question it. So many things didn’t make sense. I don’t believe I ever had “faith” in god, I just went through the rituals and played the part of a good Christian. 

In my mid to late twenties, I began to study the religions of the world, going back in time. The further I went back in Christianity, the more I realized how much has changed with the religion in such a short time. I began looking more closely at the different beliefs across Europe, paying closer attention to Ireland and Scandanavia as well as indigenous beliefs in North America, specifically the Cherokee and Creek peoples. At first, I focused on the practices, rituals, and gods. One truth I held in my core was that I did not have any faith in some all-powerful god-like deity. Likely a side effect of my Christian upbringing. This fact kept me from looking deeper into the spiritual aspects of these religions. So, I simply considered myself a faithless “Cultural Christian” for the time being. 

One day a year or so ago, I started diving into Norse paganism again after watching Vikings because I wanted to better understand what was happening. In that rabbit hole, I came across a truth that hit me like a train. 

At the core of the most ancient peoples’ religions, lies Animism.

A term I had heard before but dismissed because I heard that it meant you worship rocks and shit. Seemed weird so I didn’t look any further. Sadly, If I would have studied the core of animism years ago, I would have adopted it then. From this day forward I am an Animist.

My Approach & Beliefs

I will separate this into two sections. My spiritual beliefs, and my cultural practices.

Spiritual Beliefs

At my core, I am connected to all things. The atoms that make up our bodies were once part of some mineral, animal, plant, bacteria, etc. One day the stuff that makes up our being will eventually return back to these other entities. Because of this connection, I have respect for all things, living or not. Even a rock has a purpose. Plantlife feeds bacteria, organic acids from bacteria slowly dissolve minerals from the rock, the rock minerals feed the plant, the plant feeds an animal, and the animal feeds us. Some call it the circle of life, some call it a Food Web, I simply call it life, and we’re all connected.

My Cultural Practices

Culturally I have adopted Norse Pagan practices along with some Celtic and Germanic practices.  The reason I have chosen these practices is mostly due to their close symbolism with the natural world. Particularly the seasons, phases of the moon and sun, and life and death cycles.

For example, In spring I celebrate Sigurblot and toast to all the victories of the year while welcoming in summer and all things full of life. In the autumn, I like to honor the dead by celebrating Samhein. Then stay up all night on the winter solstice to welcome the new sun.  These are only a few of the things I practice and will go into further detail in a future post.

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