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Why I Do It

As the Founder of Becorath, I have been laid off twice from employers closing down locations. After the second time I realized that I could no longer rely on another business for my livelihood. I decided to do somethingh about it. I starrted a Blog and attempted to make money from it. It took years of trial and effort to finally figure out what I was doing. Then it was some time before I started to turn a profit. Once I got the hang of it, I started another niche blog and this time the learning curve was more easily managed. Then another and another…
Before long, I had around a dozen successful blogs/niche sites. This was good for a time. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

I was using one of the popular discount hosts for my websites. A host is a host, right? WRONG! The websites were getting slower and slower. The host said it was my websites, not them. I worked on trying to increase performance on each site and barely made a dent.
One fateful night, my server crashes. The host (who promised regular backups) again blamed me for the crash and stated my backups were all on the same server that crashed WTF!? Why would you store the backup on the same server? Needless to say, I lost everything because, stupid me did not keep local backups either.
So here we are. I decided that instead of working on building myself back up, I would help others do the same. Becorath exists to help other realize their dream of being free from the 9-5 monotony that is the American Dream/Nightmare, depending on how you look at it.

Our Company Mission

Our Mission is to make the web accessible to everyone. Small Businesses, Beginner Entrepreneurs, People that want to Work From Home, and People with Disabilities. Becorath is here to help you every step of the way.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that anyone who wants to make a living online has the resources available to them so that they can succeed. We envision individuals taking control of their financial future!

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