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Ideal Social Media Platform for Real Estate

If you are into Real Estate, networking is one of the most productive means of promoting your business/services. But which social media platform is the most effective? Facebook! Facebook has the perfect mix of personal and professional contacts for realtor to market...

5 Reasons YOU Should Start Blogging

Blogging has evolved into something much more than what it used to be. Blogs have taken many of the top spots in Google searches over the last few years. People are relying on their favorite blogs for information, entertainment, and quite simply, a good read. Here are...

For Business Owners

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For Bloggers

Make Money Blogging – Sell a Product

One of the most profitable ways to make money online with a blog is to sell a product. Now, I'm talking about a digital product. This product can be any number of things like: Ebooks take some time up front to write but they are a completely passive income stream...

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