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Business Development & Brand Strategy

We offer an Online Business Development package that includes a completely new website integrated for your business. Including storefront, automation, and more. Having an overall branded design makes sure that you are recognized and allows your customers to build that relationship and trust with you. Letting us build and solidify your brand ensures that it stays consistent and secure for years to come. If you decide that a rebrand is in order, we can help with that too! 

Website Development

Properly designed websites are important for your customers’ experience. Let me help get this together for you!

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Accessibility Audit

Ever wonder if your website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Let me take a look for you! It won’t cost a thing. 

Free Service – Starts from $150 for changes

Website Support

If youre stuck on a problem with your website or feel like it’s about time to start a new one from scratch but are overwhelmed with the task, let my team of experts help you move it all over. 

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Basic SEO

Having a website is great, having search engines rank it is so much better. SEO or search engine optimization is crutial for your business on Google, Bing, and other search engines out there. 

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Not knowing how well you perform online is like driving with a blindfold. Analyzing your brand and providing actionable reports is what we do. 

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Business Delivery Model

A business delivery model rarely ever stays the same. Restaurants are an example of how diverse the methods of getting food in your belly really can be. From multi course dinners, fast food, and doorstep delivery options, you can satisfy cravings in any way you like. The taxi industry is upside down trying to compete with the likes or Uber and Lyft ridesharing. I have worked with many businesses and non-profit organizations to diversify their delivery model and increase revenue or brand exposure.

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Website Design & SEO

Your design and brand image are the most important parts of an online presence. We will set it up for optimized search engine rankings and make sure the internet knows who you are and what you do. Paid Advertising is also available to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Whatever your online needs are, We will work together to make sure that your needs are met and that you receive the most benefits from it that are possible. 

logo Design

Your logo is an important part of your brand, but not all that you brand is. We can create you a simple logo or one as elaborate as your business!

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Single Page Design

A simple landing page to grab web visitors and either share information about a product or drive them to your brick and morter store. 

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Software Solutions

If you aren’t sure what types of software are available for your project, or just unsure which will be the best for your needs, I can help with that. Let my understanding and experience with software do the leg work for you. 

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Style Guide

We can create the style guide you need to ensure that your brand and image are consistent throughout all channels of communication. 

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Brand Strategy

Making sure your brand appeals to the right audience is critical from the start, we can help you dial in your customer for profitable marketing.

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Business Operation

The Operational aspect of your business is one of the most costly parts of doing business. It’s definitely the most controllable part. I can advise on solutions to help with either streamling costs to get more for the money, or help reduce operating costs without hurting your business. 

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