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If you haven’t done so already, Please Check out:  Creating a Blogging Business Plan – Part 1 – The Summary The first part in this series.

Another part of a blogging Business Plan details out your objectives and how you will accomplish them. Your Vision statement merely stated your goals in a simple sentence or 2, this is a detailed look into specific goals.

1. Objectives

Begin by listing out a few objectives you have for your new blog. These should be simple, short, and obtainable. Objectives like:

  • Grow Traffic to 1000/ Month within the first 6 months
  • Find 2 Bloggers per month That will let me guest post on their blogs
  • Grow Social Media Followers by 5% monthly
  • Post twice weekly

2. Strategy

Consider the key aspects that will make your blog successful. These can be an engaged Social Media Following, organic search engine optimization or SEO, or any other method to achieve your mission.

  • Create a Social Media Following
  • Be featured in a popular niche website or magazine
  • Have a good looking website
  • Create a kick ass brand

Each of these strategies should be detailed further like:

I will build a social media following by creating 3 posts per day consisting of a helpful hint, a blog post link, and a sharable image. My goal is to reach out to 2000 followers within 6 months. This means that I will need to gain 350 followers per month or around 11 or 12 per day. To monitor this, I can use and analyze my Social Media Analytics or create a followers spreadsheet to make keeping up with it easier. To achieve this, I will engage in social media groups, pinterest group boards, etc depending on the SM channel you choose based on your niche. Be detailed. break large tasks into manageable pieces. Break large goals into manageable objectives.

3. The Long Game

Create Long term Goals for your blog. Do you want your fitness blog to become a supplement and apparel company? Do you want to be a published author? Get paid for public speaking engagements, or help people find that perfect gift idea? This should be what your smaller goals and strategy are leading up to. Don’t get upset if you somehow don’t reach your goals in the time you expected. Sometimes our goals change and often times for the better!

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