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Creating a Blogging Business Plan is a very important step when you first start your small business blog. The Importance of a business plan starts off with these 4 things:

  1. WHY you are blogging
  2. WHAT you plan to accomplish
  3. HOW you plan to accomplish it
  4. WHO you plan to Target

Everything after that is all in the details!

Business Plan Summary

The purpose of this section of the business plan is to establish why your blog exists. You want to tell what is your purpose, your message, your vision for the future, and who you plan to target.

1. Purpose Statement

This is your WHY for the blog. Your purpose is here to guide both you and your readers. Tell your followers why you want to blog about your chosen niche or topic.

As someone who was part of a major corporate downsizing, not once, but twice, I decided to empower myself and reduce my dependence on a mainstream job, and begin a career helping others do the same.

2. Vision Statement

This is your WHAT for your new blog. What are your goals? This is the ultimate goal for your company or blog. Think of it as a simple road map, a guiding star. Your Vision should be inspirational, memorable, clear, and concise.

Our Vision is to bring entrepreneurship to people who never would have believed they could own a business.

3. Mission Statement

If your vision statement is your dream of the future, your Mission Statement is HOW you plan to accomplish that goal. This is your chance to set yourself apart from others in your industry. How will you achieve your vision?

Our Mission is to improve the lives of people by empowering them to start their own business.

4. Target Audience

The WHO is probably the most difficult part of creating a blog business plan. This part will likely be revised more than once as you find your place within your niche. You should write down WHO your target audience is. What are their interests? What is their age? Mom? Dad? Young Professional? There are so many ways to drill this part down and you will probably add to this as you go. I recommend creating an imaginary person.


Male Age: 26 Working hourly in a dead end “job” with little to no advancement opportunity May or may not be married or have children etc…


Creating a Blogging Business Plan – Part 2 – Objectives



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