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If you are into Real Estate, networking is one of the most productive means of promoting your business/services. But which social media platform is the most effective?


Facebook has the perfect mix of personal and professional contacts for realtor to market themselves to. By building your network on Facebook, you can interact on a personal level with previous and potential customers. You are also able to network with their friends and relatives. You never know who is wanting to sell their house, or to buy a new home.

Using Facebook, you can build a network and a respected platform to build a trusted brand for yourself or your company. With Facebook being more location oriented than many of the other platforms, you aren’t wasting time and resources marketing to someone across the country for no reason.

You should definitely share high quality imagery of your properties and the local area in curated albums to encourage post engagement from followers. This is just as much about awareness as it is direct selling. Posting a photo of a beautiful bathroom to start a discussion about your followers’ dream bathrooms, or of a beautifully landscaped yard can generate the conversations and shares to get your message out there and in front of potential buyers.


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