Is God All Good? I doubt it.

I make a point of never bashing other religions, so this isn’t that.

Today, I heard someone speak about the Christian God’s Omniscience, his all knowing of all space and time. This got me thinking. The Christian God is known as Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnibenevolent. This, I believe is a major contradiction. I will touch on each of these three descriptions and then summarize why I feel the way I do.


Omniscient – the state of knowing everything, All Knowing

God is described by most Christians as being Omniscient, or all knowing. He knew your entire life before you were born. He knows the struggles we all face. He knows of all the pain, hurt, and death in the world before it ever happens. This would mean that God is fully aware of young woman being trafficked from her home to somewhere else in the world and forced into a hurtful and scary lifestyle. To know about this must make him want to act.


Omnipotent – the ability to DO anything, All Powerful.

Another popular aspect of God’s being is his omnipotence. To be Omnipotent is to be all powerful. Nothing is beyond the ability of God. That’s awesome. If God is all powerful then he is able to act in any way he feels. For the young woman being trafficked, to have an all powerful God to help would be a comforting thought. And as an Omnipotent God, he could help the woman.


Omnibenevolent – possessing perfect and Unlimited Goodness, All Good

Lastly, God is also described as omnibenevolent, or having unlimited goodness. To be omnibenevolent would mean that all of your actions, thoughts, and words would always have a good result. And as an all good God, he would want to help anyone and add as much Goodness into the world. The young woman needs an omnibenevolent God to bring goodness into her life. But where is he?

My Final Thoughts

To the young woman an all knowing God knows about the abuse and struggle in her life. An all powerful God has the ability to help her, and an all good God would want to. So either this God doesn’t exist, or he isn’t what people believe.

  • Omnipotent + Omniscient = a God that has the knowledge and ability to help, but simply doesn’t care to help.
  • Omniscient + omnibenevolent = a God that knows about the struggle and wants to help but doesn’t have the ability to do so.
  • Omnipotent + Omnibenevolent = a God that wants to help and has the ability to do so, but has no knowledge of the strife.

Therefore if this “god” exists, he cannot be all three. If he has the knowledge and ability to end evil and just doesn’t do it, then that is a God to rebel against, not serve.