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Advertising on your blog is a mostly passive way to earn income. There are many ways to go about it and I will cover the most common today.

Advertising Networks

Advertising networks are probably your MOST passive ways to earn ad revenue. You sign up for an ad network like Google’s Adsense. Place some code on your website and let it do its’ thing. That sounds simple enough, but there are customization options available that allow you to better blend the ads into your site, and some additional control over the types of ads that show (Text, images, etc). So, while it may be easy to set up, you can tweak it for better results and more revenue!


Sponsored Posts are another way to earn advertising revenue on your blog. This also spills over into social media posts as well. This method, in simplest terms, is a company asking you to create a post about their product for a flat fee. This is different from Affiliate marketing in that you are paid for the post, not a percentage of referrals. To start earning income in this way, you must first build up a large, loyal following. The advertising partner wants to make sure that their product or service is in front of as many engaged followers as possible.

Advertising Space

You can always be more active in selling the ad space on your blog. This method typically has much higher revenue per ad than going with advertising networks. However, it definitely requires more work. Unless you already have potential advertisers ready to place ads, I recommend this to more seasoned bloggers.

Directories & Job Boards

Many websites are operating by selling advertising for businesses and jobs. To create a directory related to a niche and sell premium space for those listings is a great way to earn revenue. The same goes for job listings. Look at, or for inspiration.


Another method of advertising is simply collaborating with other bloggers. This is usually done through guest posting or social media takeovers. The way these work is more of a bartering system that specifically revenue generation. You trade social media posts or blog posts back and forth sharing in each others audience. This allows for much more exposure for each of you and helps to build a larger following.

I know this was a simple post, but I hope it was able to spark an idea or two to help you get your new blog business generating more money. If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to reach out to me via the contact page and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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