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Do you like writing about your life? Maybe, writing in general? Would you like to get paid doing this? I bet you would. I do.

A few years ago I hated my job. I was depressed. I needed to get out of there. So, I started blogging to cast away thoughts. I found out soon after that I could make money doing this. For the first year I talked in about $20 per month. It paid for my hosting so I could continue blogging. And I soon started other blogs based on my other interests and monetized them as well. After a while, some of them really started profiting.

I began my research, looking into what different ways could I make money from a blog. I practiced with everything. Some things worked, others not stop much, some easy, many not so easy. I will be starting a weekly post teaching you all of the ways you can make money online. Or you can skip the hard work, let me build your money making machine, and then turn it over to you to take over the business. Cust ol m blogs start at around $499 and the possibilities are endless!

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