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What is Becorath?

So, the most asked question I get on a regular basis is “What is Becorath?”

Becorath (Buh-cor-ath), though also pronounced bee-coh-rath, is a name from biblical times. An ancestor of King Saul. It means first born or first fruit. Many think this has a deeper meaning to me but the story behind the name is a bit more random. Back in around 2006, I decided to start playing World of Warcraft with some friends from work. I couldn’t really decide on a character name, and at the time, your name was permanent. I wanted a unique name that nobody else had and growing up in church, I knew there were some pretty interesting names in the bible. So, I did a search for names in the bible. It was an alphabetical list and the meanings of the names were also listed.

As you can tell, I didn’t get much farther than the letter B.  I fell upon Becorath and did a bit more researching. I found that it is only mentioned once in the bible and that it meant first born. Well, I thought, this character is, in a way, my first born so I think it fits. Becorath was created as my first born Warcraft Character.

I started using Becorath as an online persona and username and it sort of just stuck to me. My friends online know me simply as Bec because pronouncing it seems to be difficult. Hell, even I mispronounce it sometimes.

Now you know the rest of the story!


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