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Every Christmas when I was a kid, my parents would send out a card with an update on what the family was up to. Dad’s law firm is growing, Mom’s volunteer work is going strong, the girls are doing well in school, Bill is a handful.

Some people think it is corny, but I like the tradition. These days, at the end of each year, I still enjoy taking stock of my work and personal life. What was I excited about? What could I have done better?

I thought I would share a few of these thoughts as 2018 concludes.

~Bill Gates

Source: What I learned at work this year

On that Note:

In the second half of 2018, I decided to officially kick off my side hustle of a Web Development/Consulting business. As 2018 has come to a close, I have it officially launched. Becorath, LLC. I have also taken on the task of developing a Fitness Website that I am working so dutifully on and it has produced a few hurdles that I am working through, but I think when this thing is finished it will serve to help people with 2 goals. Bring personal training to more people and to help people achieve their fitness goals.

On a personal note, I have decided to focus more on fitness this year. I have been going into the gym and doing a good bit of strength training 1-2 days per week with a little bit of body weight training on off days. It has kept me in decent shape, but I have finally got a fire lit under my ass to push harder. I pledge to work harder on my training a minimum 4 days per week with a goal of 6. I will achieve my fitness goals by April 1. This I promise to you, and myself.

If you have goals that you want help with, Contact me, I will gladly help you to focus your goals into actionable steps Free until the end of January!

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