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Hi, becorath here. 5:30 AM and I am writing this post from an airplane over the Southeast US. It’s a small plane with small seats, but hey, economy is just fine for these regional flights. It has been a couple years since I have been in a plane, preferring to drive if time allows. While everyone else slept, I started thinking about what really makes a great blog post. While I, as well as many other bloggers, will tell you that content is key, there are a few other tips that will go a long way to help you write a perfect blog post.

All great blog posts do one of three things. Educate, Entertain, or Inspire. While there are other ways to deliver your content, if you stick with these three you should de very well.


Most people read blogs to learn something. Blogs have become one of the greatest knowledge bases available from the search feature of any smartphone. People read blogs to learn a number of things. Last night, I was looking for a shrimp recipe and opened up my trusty google app to begin my search. You would think one of the large recipe sites would have come up in the top results, nope. The top 5 results were all blogs. There were probably more, but I found what I wanted and made an amazing Italian shrimp with asparagus and a lemon butter sauce using herbs from my own garden. It was tasty, and the beautiful wife loved it. I’m no stranger to cooking and have made a similar dish before, but this recipe was different and I gave it a shot. Who would have though adding a little hot sauce to an Italian dish would be any good? I learned something new all thanks to someones blog post.


People come to a blog wanting to learn something. No matter whether it’s a new recipe, woodworking tips, or the latest news and gossip. Getting them there is all about your content. However, keeping them on your blog and coming back for more is all about how entertaining your writing is. You can post some great information but it wont do you much good if people dont like reading it! Allow your personality to shine through. Share a fun personal story related to the information you are sharing. Most importantly, be real to your audience.


If education led them to your blog, and entertainment kept them around to read as much as they wanted to. Then inspiration will make them remember you and the way you made them feel. A great blog post not only educates and entertains, it also inspires. A great blog inspires people to complete tasks, start an exciting new hobby, or maybe even a new recipe. Whatever it is, inspire someone to do more.

Whether you educate, entertain, or inspire (Hell, why not all three?!) You should also provide valuable content to your readers. Give them the substance they came looking for. Deliver it in a way that is not boring. And ignite the spark of inspiration that drives them to a better life.

These tips are hardly secrets, but someone, somewhere, needs to read it.

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